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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Excerpt From My Journal 22 August 2009

Journal Entry 22 August 2009
Lord, I am so glad I chose to get out of my house today. The weather has been a bit bizarre lately, so I was extremely happy to see the sun. Pretty soon the sky will be overtaken by a brooding shade of gray and the sun will vacation until next June. I like to say today it was the fresh breeze blowing through my house that motivated me to shower, dress, and hit the streets. Much to my surprise, it was a Tweet from Mary J. Blidge this morning that rattled me out of my cave. I’m thankful Lord that You do use the foolish things to confound the wise, even a social networking site. Lord I’ve been reading Genesis 38 for the past couple days. It was my audio bible that first struck a chord with me. I “see” something in this text Lord. I need the help of the Holy Spirit to pull it out.
Lord I never know who I am going to meet on any given day but, I am proud that today I was given an opportunity to plant a seed of salvation. His name was “Neil” a promising young physician, who just happened to be in Border’s while I was there. We struck up a conversation that ranged from Lamborghini’s to the clout policy taking place on many college campuses around Illinois. Strangely, at one point during the conversation Neil asked if He could see my hand to “read” my palm. As cordially as I could, I told him No! I felt so proud in that moment because I stood up for what I believe in. Not to be offensive to anyone Lord, but there are days when I just get tired of feeling like I shouldn’t stand up for things I believe in but instead have to take a back seat to what everybody else is into. I thank you Lord because I took that moment to share just a tidbit of what you have done in my life. I didn’t have to beat “Neil” with the bible. I just told him in a few moments what you’ve done for me. I don’t believe in luck, magic, or divination. Why am I proud? Well Lord ironically I happened to catch Bill Maher’s television show the night before. This guy is a “hardcore” “non-believer’” who for the most part, equates Christians and anyone who believes that we didn’t come from thin air, with mindless idiots. Little does Bill Maher know I keep a prayer list and lately, I’ve been adding many celebrities to it. What was so funny to me is that I also had a “pity party” last night. I invited You Lord but I knew you couldn’t attend. Somehow Lord I think watching Bill Maher just made me realize that no matter what or how things look in the world, I still believe that you are in fact who you say you are! As I watched the program, a thought occurred to me about Bill Maher. I thought of Paul who persecuted the Christians but eventually became one of your best ambassadors and wrote much of the New Testament. Funny, Lord but I believe that Bill Maher, is going to make one of your best disciples, and just like Paul, he will know that You did it! I watched too as another show rooted in “darkness” made its way to our televisions. Lord, these television executives have so many people deceived. People really don’t know what they are opening themselves up to. Many people, even Christians are being seduced into Satanism, Witchcraft, Sorcery, and altering states of consciousness because it appears harmless. Programming about mediums, and vampires are harmlful.  If you ingratiate your spirit to darkness, it can only lead to spiritual death, and the very essence of a person dies. Lord helps us all in these final days as Satan wages war in this world. Lord no matter what “it” looks like, no matter what is going on; I know that you are still good and that you are still God! I'm amazed by Your grace!

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