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Friday, May 15, 2009

Honk If You're Sinless!

Have you noticed lately how many motorists today seem oblivious to oncoming emergency traffic? Is our culture so desensitized ambulances and fire trucks mean nothing? We don’t even yield for funeral processions anymore, but if there is just a hint of carnage to be seen, our brakes grind to a screeching halt. Oh and camera phones with video recording capabilities, just make the vehicle voyeurism all the worthwhile. The social networking media phenomenon has tricked us into believing we’re credentialed journalists. The flashing lights steadily approaching me were those of a police officer. I prepared for the worst even though my speedometer clearly showed I was driving well under the posted limit. Relief was instantaneous when the state trooper and his flashing lights zoomed by. Even when it’s warranted, being pulled over is never a pleasurable experience. I began to feel for the unlucky driver who will soon learn the error of his or her speeding ways.
No one likes to be the recipient of a traffic ticket. Something about seeing the driver pulled over made think of a passage of scripture I love to read. I literally saw the woman in John 8:1-11. being caught in the very “act” of adultery. Can’t you see her in all her nakedness being brought before that self righteous “religious” mob? What happened to the man she was doing the horizontal bedroom polka with? Doesn’t his absence from the moral majority” remind you of other drivers who never seem to get pulled over when you do? It’s funny to me that all the “religious” leaders knew where the “harlot” in the “hood” lived. Doesn’t it strike you as odd this legalistic horde knew exactly when and where to go? It’s no different with police they know where the sinners (oops I meant speeders) are. Sometimes all they have to do is set a trap like the one described in John’s Gospel.
Like I mentioned getting caught speeding is never a joyful occasion. You sort of feel like that woman in John 8:1-11, vulnerable, ashamed, exposed, and right in front of everybody. In the case of the woman caught in adultery, “getting caught” was life altering. This woman was used as bait and handed over to ONE who was indeed guiltless. As many times as I’ve read this passage of scripture, I am always awe struck by Jesus holding traffic court right in the middle of church. In stark contrast to policeman I’ve run across, notice how tender Jesus is with this woman. Jesus doesn’t condone her behavior nor does He condemn her. After that intimate encounter I would wager she was glad to having been pulled over. Her accuser’s retreated one by one in total defeat. Generally when we see someone being pulled over it causes us to reduce our speed. Maybe it reminds us that we too have been guilty of sin (oops I meant speeding). It would appear other drivers get away unscathed but we sinners (oops I meant speeders) never know when we are going to be caught in the act. Will you stop sinning (oops I meant speeding) voluntarily or do you have to be pulled over? So the next time you see a motorist being pulled over for speeding, HONK IF YOU”RE SINLESS!

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