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Friday, April 10, 2009

Tis the Season To Get Up!

In lieu of everything going on in our world, it’s hard to imagine how anyone could still be asleep. Check your calendars, its springtime! I hear the dismal commentary on the evening news too, but I won’t allow it to suck the life out of the life that has been planned for me. Spring undoubtedly is my favorite season of the year. I absolutely refuse to credit an indecisive groundhog as being the mastermind behind rousing the world from its frozen slumber year after year. Don’t you just love watching Earth open her eyes after her long winter’s nap? I believe spring is the one time of year when the entire world is synchronized into action. The warmth of the sun is better than those double-shot espressos and without the mid afternoon crash. As the days grow longer, the smells get sweeter, the laughter gets louder, the children play harder, and that bulky woolen sweater can now be exchanged for lightweight cotton.
I can honestly say that I have evolved. Darwin like the infamous groundhog will get no credit for this either. I’m not worried about buying an “Easter” outfit. I won’t be dying hard boiled eggs in varying shades of pastels. I’ve long since outgrown the Easter Bunny, and those awful bonnets are out of the question. I will be reflecting on the Cross and the Savior who hung on it for me. Giving Him a simple thank you seems inadequate. Really how do I express gratitude for someone who chose to take my place just so I could have a place in eternity? The Passion of the Christ is about as close to an accurate portrayal of what Christ did for all of us. I watch it several times a year when I feel like I want to complain about carrying my own cross. I watch my Lord bloodied and bruised fall several times underneath the weight of that Cross, but He always gets back up. Of every scene in this powerful movie my favorite is the last one when with wounds in his hands Jesus gets up.
Everything that I thought was dead in my life has been resurrected. I’m talking about situations I believed too far gone to ever be revived, now have life. My lung capacity could never compete with how God has breathed on them. Regardless of what Satan tries to suggest to me about my family, my finances, and my future, I know that God is able. Getting up can be difficult if you’ve r been asleep spiritually awhile, but just like Spring the Cross allows me to view each day with infinite possibility. For the rest of my life, I’m reminded that He got up, so I can get up!

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