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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Leave The Door Open

While many of you were scurrying to get your taxes filed on April 15th, I had the carpet cleaned. Accept for the times I was too lazy to take my shoes off after a heavy snowfall, it was only the common use areas that needed their expertise. I conducted a simple litmus test of my own with a few well placed coffee stains to see if this particular company was as good as their business card boasted. I’m glad to report the carpet was cleaned thoroughly every stain was removed even a few I’d forgotten about. The carpet cleaning service called the night before to confirm our appointment the next morning and also gave me a few suggestions to prepare for their arrival.
The carpet is clean but for the past couple hours I’ve thought a lot about one very specific suggestion I received. This lone suggestion has left an indelible imprint on my already overtaxed brain. The carpet cleaning service told me to make sure I left the door open for any room I wanted cleaned. This single statement got me to thinking about Jesus... and more importantly my heart. If you truly want to know the condition of your heart, all you have to do is see someone who has caused you pain and watch your reaction to them. I was convinced of this Sunday at church when all of the reasons I stopped going were still present. Honestly if God had a few plagues to bestow and He asked me to supply Him with names, all I would have to do is search my heart. It is there that I’ve kept exhaustive records of people and their offenses against me. I love that God chastises me like a loving parent because it always reminds me that I am still His child.
Sanctification is a process and I’m progressing with every day God gives me. Some things are just harder than others to move past. I recognize that I need the help of the Holy Spirit. I know this, when I no longer remember why I am hurt, that is when I will truly know that I am healed. I did as the carpet cleaning company suggested. The carpet looks brand new and I suspect that is how a heart looks after Jesus cleans it. I left every door open. I have to do this with my heart also. Jesus will come to my house. He is willing and able to clean out the debris that has left stains on my heart. Jesus will even reach out His hands, knock and wait to be invited in. I guess it is a very good thing the door to my heart has no doorknobs because the only way any of us can let Jesus in is from the inside. Remember to LEAVE THE DOOR OPEN if want your heart cleaned by Jesus.

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