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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Any Other Place

I had many plans for this weekend. Most of them were dependent upon the full cooperation of the weather. What a difference a day makes. On Friday the temperature soared well into the 80’s. The sun was soothing and bright affording me the chance to bare my arms in a tank top. Well when I awoke today, the weather was a completely different story. Just to be safe, I won’t be putting my flannel away until the middle of June no matter what the forecast says. Of all the plans I’d made for this particular weekend, not a one of them came to fruition. There was the Boyz II Men concert, a couple matinees I wanted to take in, and a drive to downtown Chicago. It wasn’t until I spotted “her” that I knew any place other than where I was, would’ve been the wrong place. I can see a concert, movie or Chicago any day.

My joints began to ache with the promise of rain and I knew right then I wouldn’t want to go anywhere. With my latte in hand I parked my car so I could make a few entries in my journal lying nearby. I was journaling when I looked up and spotted the elderly woman across the highway. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her because she moved so slowly and carried heavy shopping bags. Every couple of steps she would try to balance the bags. I eyed her snail like pace for a few moments and began to search for a way to help. When the first drops of rain began to hit my windshield, I instantly put my car in reverse and proceeded in her direction. I prayed that God would help me across the busy highway to offer her a ride. I quickly worked everything out in my head on my way to the red light. I made a quick left, unlocked my passenger door and simply told her to “get in”. There was no time for her to say no because of the oncoming stream of traffic approaching.

The elderly woman I’d just ordered into my car told me her name was Karen. She lives in a retirement community with her elderly parents. She works six days a week at a local home improvement store. Karen does not have the means to afford an automobile. She relies on the kindness of others for transportation. During the short ride to Karen’s home she expressed that when relying on other’s kindness fails, she resorts to walking the 6 or so miles to and from work. Silently I mused that this is unacceptable. Would I allow my 75 year old Grandmother to walk alongside a busy stretch of highway? Normally I would never pick up anyone I didn’t know regardless of age, but I discerned that Karen was different. Karen told me how thankful she was I came along. Karen conveyed to me that she was exhausted even though it was evident from her heavy breathing. I gave Karen my number and told her she could call me if ever she needed a ride. As I drove away I felt the tears stinging my eyes. I actually drove right back to the very place I’d first spotted her. I thanked God because had I been anywhere else that day I would not have been where Karen needed me to be. Karen and I were both in the right place at the right time.


  1. wonderful act of kindness, like Karen, each of us will be in a place of vulnerability like that one day. God knew what he was doing the day he put you two together. Amen!

  2. That is ABSOLUTELY beautiful.


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