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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Just ADD HOT Water

When I want to wind down from a grueling or otherwise taxing day I indulge in the simple things. Nothing satisfies like a steaming cup of hot tea. I have grown accustomed to taking my tea on the sofa with honey, lemon, and my remote control. I’ve developed a penchant for finding beautiful ceramic mugs and Japanese tea cups and they’ve truly enhanced my tea drinking experience. Tea is pretty inexpensive and simple to make. The most arduous part perhaps is WAITING for the water to come to a boil. WAITING is an essential part of life. We WAIT for everything: love, birthdays, weddings, and graduations. We are usually just WAITING for what we want. I’ve since developed an attitude of WAITING for what God wants. WAITING can be especially difficult even if God has instructed you to do so. During my “WAITING” periods I discovered that sometimes God’s answer is YES, sometimes God’s answer is NO and sometimes God’s answer is simply NOT RIGHT NOW! I believe when you are WAITING often you find that it can seem like a wilderness experience. I’ve often felt like I was literally WAITING in a dry, arid place with absolutely no real sense of direction. I have also learned during MY seasons of WAITING that God was right after all. I know that if God had me all the things I thought I wanted right then, I wouldn’t have had the spiritual maturity to handle them.
If we dared to be honest we could readily admit to consciously coveting others. We perceive them as having everything come too easily to them. A lot of times though we just want their CUP we don’t want the CONTENTS. Yeah, your neighbor may look “THANK YOU JESUS” on the outside but you have no real idea of the HELL that person has been through to be where they are. I used to speed! I’m talking 75mph in a 35mph zone with no valid explanation other than thinking I had to get NOWHERE fast. Now I laugh at other drivers who pass me by in a hurry particularly when we end up WAITING at the same red light. Since my speed demon days are long behind me, I’ve learned to WAIT. Chicago traffic will do that for you. I’ve noticed so many wonderful parks, restaurants, and cultural places this city has to offer because I’m not driving by them in a hasty blur, I’m WAITING. WAITING can seem futile, pointless, and such a waste of time but STAY where you are until told to move. We’ve become consumed with our “microwave” style of living. Anything lasting more than 5 minutes seems like an eternity. We want everything easy! We were never promised life would be easy. If I never had ANY problems, how would I know that God could solve them?
It’s irritating to see individuals that have professed Christ yet have adopted this ridiculous notion that they should never have to WAIT much less be put in hot water. Think of a tea kettle the next time you have to WAIT. One thing is certain when you boil water it’s bound to get hot. The next time you make a cup of tea WAIT for the melodic singing the kettle echoes under pressure. Maybe that’s a lesson for you to try not to get discouraged while WAITING. I’ll leave you with this: A Christian is just like a tea bag useless until exposed to some hot water.

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