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Saturday, March 14, 2009

How Do You "SEE" IT?

We are always willing to “LOOK” at life with our natural VISION rather than our spiritual VISION. Even if you are lucky enough to have 20/20 VISION it doesn’t necessarily mean that you can “SEE”. Over the years, I have always marveled at Stevie Wonder and his exceptional ability to compose, arrange and perform beautiful music. How is a man who is VISUALLY impaired able “SEE” and captures so much of the world? I’ve always thought that people who lacked natural SIGHT were able to EXAMINE the world in a way that was unparalleled to those of us who think because we passed an EYE exam that we can “SEE”. I’ve had to wear corrective EYEWEAR since my youth, but I’ve always thought what I lacked VISUALLY, I made up in my other areas. I pride myself on being an avid reader. It’s probably a good thing I’m currently unmarried, I don’t think any man would find sleeping in a bed with several books suitable.
Sometimes I have to wear magnifying GLASSES disguised as fashionable EYEWEAR, affectionately known to us as readers. Readers are exceptional in that they make the words I’m having difficulty “SEEING” appear larger. This analogy made me think of how the adversary brings problems to us. Yeah he’s particularly crafty at getting us to lose both our spiritual and natural SIGHT. Readers allow me to be instantly aware of how large those words are right in front of me. It’s no different when troubles come. If I allow myself to SEE only the negative, then everything will continue to LOOK enormous. Problems LOOK bigger depending on whether you SEE them with your natural VISION or your spiritual VISION. With the gloomy reports I “SEE” daily from pundits, analysts, and the so called experts I’m just choosing by FAITH to SEE what God SEES.
Now when I take my readers off the print immediately goes back to FINE. Did you “SEE” that? I said FINE! Whether I have the readers on or off whatever I’m reading never changes. The only difference is how I SEE what’s in front of me. Seriously, did you “SEE” that? Readers only increase the SIZE of the print they never change what I’m reading. It’s the same for you too. It doesn’t matter if the words you’re reading say PAST DUE, FORECLOSED, CANCER, NON SUFFICENT FUNDS, DOWN SYNDROME or LAID OFF, whose EYES will you trust? Your situation is conducive to how you SEE it. Natural VISION is likely to change with the passing of time. My spiritual VISION gets better with time because I have my spiritual EYE health checked daily READING God’s FINE print, the bible. EYES are good at telling the brain lies. If it’s been awhile since you’ve had your VISION tested, make an appointment with Him today!


  1. GREAT POST! I'm definitely feeling this blog!

  2. Love your energy sis...wonderful! I luv your writing and your spirit! Keep it going...



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