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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Wintry Effects

Got to love those bears with the sense to hibernate and do it right. I try and my personal best is 7 days. Yesterday I thought I’d finally get some fresh air even if getting that fresh air meant going out in sub-zero temperatures. I believe calling Chicago the “Windy City” is the equivalent of saying a woman is just a little pregnant. The weathermen actually earn their pay here. In Louisiana all I ever remember the weatherman saying about the weather was that it going to be hot every day. This winter I’ve made new acquaintances with nearly every restaurant in the area that will deliver to my house. Usually when I call, they just ask “Would you like what you had last Ma’am?” It’s been so cold I schedule time on my calendar to collect my mail and dispose of my trash. I try to take it all in stride though. So when I noticed that my size 10 pants were a little snug, it was no problem, I always keep a size 12 in my closet. I guess it would be easy enough to pass the blame to my dialing finger, my credit card, all the good movies on cable and Mother Nature right? The changing weather and seasons even its effects are all normal and I learn how much as soon as I grabbed my purse and headed out for some “fresh air”.
Granted I still have the same gas in my car from last year, and God only knows when I’ll get around to getting an oil change because I just don’t know when I’ll reach that 3,000 miles since I don’t go anywhere unless it’s absolutely necessary. These arctic temperatures have certainly affected my beloved Chevrolet. I thought if I were going to brave the cold, I’d do it in style, since it could be another couple days before I ventured outside again. I chose a chocolate brown wrap dress, and matching heels. Now to you this may seem normal but to those who know me as the girl who would rather die than wear anything requiring pantyhose, a dress is a major feat. So I go out to warm my car up, a habit I have added to my wintry weather routine. I get nothing. Hey my car is disabled and while I’m calling for Roadside Assistance all I can do is think of how incredibly blessed I am that I’m at home and not in any immediate danger. I thought the first thing I would do is run inside fling the dress off but to my surprise I kept it on. I felt beautiful yesterday and all I did was walk to my driveway to my car that wouldn’t start. It’s been so unusually cold that unless I had to go out, I didn’t. Yesterday I felt like I traveled miles not because I had to but only because I wanted to!

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