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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Just A "Friendly" Transaction

When one of my dearest friends called me from work the other morning, I knew instantly that this was yet another “divine appointment” as I am so fond of calling them now sent by God. I believe God schedules these “divine appointments” everyday in all of our lives. If I may be so bold I even believe that bush was always burning but Moses had time to see it. When my friend phoned I could’ve easily let the call go to voice mail. I chose to answer in faith I knew God had something He wanted me to deposit into her life.
I also knew when I answered the phone that I couldn’t join her “pity party” or condone her scandalous behavior. So I simply told her “Sweetie you’re married and that means you can’t have a boyfriend”. After the words left my mouth, I wondered if I had been too harsh, but that thought soon dissipated like fog. I told my friend the truth in love and out of love. I know our society today looks down on morals. Morals may even seem like an out of date compass, but they’ve obviously worked for thousands of years on some level. I told her if she didn’t want to stay in her marriage that was okay but only get out of one situation first. I honestly don’t know if I can take another 4 years of this couple being “separated” and that is why I suggested she at least get some sort of closure. I only wanted her to set real goals and not more rationale to continue her behavior. No I don’t think it’s strange that she called me. She has finally gotten to the point where she is sick and tired of being sick and tired. All of her other “friends” may be unmoved by ignoring their marital vows, but the truth still makes us free. Respect is not earned I think it is given to us when we are brave enough to be a real friend.
Friendships so often remind me of financial institutions. Some friends are infamous for making continuous withdrawals and others make timely deposits. A friend can leave you totally depleted facing mountains of non-sufficient funds fees. Then there are friends that are so dear, all the contents of this friendship is only privy to you in a safety deposit box. What kind of a friend are you? Are you constantly making withdrawals or deposits? Now ask that same question of your friends. After you’ve ascertained an answer, I’d say it’s time to do a little banking. Do you need to close some accounts or open new ones? So what if some banks only give you a free calendar, you can schedule time to close all the accounts that haven’t had any recent activity lately. If another bank only offers you a new set of glassware. You can invite all your new friends over for a cool glass of sparkling lemonade and conversation. This is just a reminder, your balance is running low and it’s time for you to make a friendly deposit with your time, energy, prayers, heart, and love to someone today!

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