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Saturday, December 6, 2008

A Fresh Start

It snowed again today. I love how everything pretty, ugly, rich, poor ghetto or suburban all looks the same once it’s covered by snow. In a word the snow is beautiful. As I stand under a whimsical gazebo sipping hot chocolate I gaze into a frozen sea of forgetfulness. I’m starting to feel like I’m starring in the perfect winter postcard. Sometimes I like to see the snow, as God’s big eraser, sort of like forgiveness. Mistakes are inevitable, like the snow and changing seasons. It’s funny how something as simple as watching the snow fall made me think of God’s forgiveness. I watch the weather to see what the weather predictions for next week will be but not God’s forgiveness. I can ask for it every single time I need it. I’m assured that I have His forgiveness. No meteorologist can assure me of anything much less the fickle weather in Chicago.
If it snowed every single day for the rest of my life it couldn’t erase what Jesus did once on the cross for you and me. It is a very good thing that God sits high and looks low. God can see the road less traveled and even the one with all the potholes. Condemnation likes to dump itself on my freshly fallen snow melting the security of forgiveness that I know God wants me to have. Failure cruelly suggests to me that I can never get back up again. A newly fallen snow lets me know that I can always make fresh tracks. God’s forgiveness lets me know I can make a fresh start.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Call

Father I sense that I'm getting weary
Maybe I walked through the wrong door
Are You sending that wind of change in my life ?
It's dark ... I can't see
And my matches won't light anymore

Father can you understand my feelings?
All of it
Completely wears me out
Roadblocks in my path
Haters on my back
And I'm careening towards a door called doubt

Father, I'm anxious to see some changes
But everyday just seems to give me more of the same
I know we don't talk like we used to
But Father, please try and remember my name!

I'm April, and I think I know where things went wrong
I know I didn't cast down those negative thoughts
I gave pity a lavish, lavish party
And I forgot everything that You taught!

Please instruct me Father
As to how, I can get back on track
I've been called to do mighty work for You
Replenish anything that I may lack

Father I know there's a call on my life
Plain as day, I heard that call last year
Sometimes I do wonder why you chose me
Father? Why is it your call I fear?

Could it be my past?
That makes my haters laugh
That you would use someone messed up like me?
Father close the door on my enemies
Show them all what you see in me

Father who is on my side?
Isn't it finally time?
For me and the ones I'm called to meet?
But make sure they stay
And help me get to the place
Where I can help set some people free!

Father I'm still clueless as to why
You didn't choose some other guy
Still questioning and I'm a tad bit torn
You planned this before April 30, 1971
Ordered every one of my steps
All before I was born

There are so many gifts and talents
That you've placed in me
So many, that I'm unable to speak
I can sing, I can dance
I can act, and I can write
And now you've called me to preach!!!