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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Give An Angel Something To Do

I have a recurring dream that there are millions of angels in jeopardy of losing their jobs in heaven. This dream borders on wacky because even though there's work in heaven, these angels just look bored. A continuous theme that runs through out is that all of us are supposed to have heaven right here on earth. In my dream the angels are literally loitering on streets paved with gold and their wings are in such disrepair from not being used. Picture that if you will, millions of angels sitting around the holy water cooler because there will be no work again today.

None of us know how long before the Lord returns. This doesn't negate the fact that a lot of us get saved and we think that is all we have to do. Just saying you're saved is just an insurance policy from eternal damnation. It's usually the same thing, selfishness and a concern for only our needs and wants. I believe the angels wish we would challenge them with something besides more houses and cars. Angels are only dispatched when we pray. Then marriages can be healed, families are reconciled, and dreams are possible. Their actions are invoked by our prayers. Our work is never done once we accept Christ. In actuality, this is just the beginning.

Angels do rejoice when a sinner is saved, but I bet they expect to be busy the day after salvation with our prayer requests. Meanwhile hosts of angels are lethargic and we are just sitting idly by staring at the clouds waiting for Jesus to appear. I say today we make sure not one angel is left with any work to do. We should be making sure we are keeping the angels gainfully employed by making sure they dispense God's goodness on every corner of the earth. My dream is both funny and troubling. The thought of all those angels collecting all that "Godly Unemployment" so soon when there is still so much to be done. If our national deficit is any indication, not putting angels to work could seriously bankrupt heaven.

We aren't praying anymore. We aren't even daring to ask God for what He desires all of us to have. We've become comfortable with just knowing heaven is the end result never expecting that more can be done especially on behalf of someone else. I'll even go so far as to say that even as Christians we don't always fully believe that God will do what He says for us. All of His promises sound good, but we conclude they must be true only for the other guy. We are scared to hope because the fear of being let down again is just too costly. We know what dashed hopes feel like. God wants us to come to Him boldly and give Him back His Word. Is there anything you know someone else has need of? I bet even God gets tired of hearing prayer requests for square footage and luxury coupes. Imagine the trickledown effect if everybody woke up each day with the sole intent of sending the angels out on unending job assignments.

I vote that we put these angels on the daily grind. I want to see halos and wings everywhere. I want see these things take place not just dream that they can. Everywhere we look in the world there should be joy. Prosperity, wealth and wholeness are not just for those who can afford it. It's paid for with our sincere and fervent prayers. Those angels should be kept so busy that we can't even see their halos. They should be knee deep in long work weeks, and unpaid leave.

I read in a book recently that "action in heaven begins only when we pray on earth". Yet I continue to dream about heaven and an assembly of angels never having to call in sick because the people of God aren't praying anymore. God seems to only be our source every 30 days when the bills are due. Are you responsible for sending the angels to an early retirement? Are you guilty of boring heavenly beings with the mundane task of making sure that you get yours first? Would it really be too much to ask for a hedge of protection around our world? How hard is it to ask the Lord to bless your enemies? Could you crucify your flesh and actually give an angel a "to do list" for someone else today? So don't be slacker, put an angel to work. Pray!

Friday, November 7, 2008

I Got The Mailbox Blues

I AVOID the mailbox like the PLAGUE because it keeps all my UNEXPOSED truth

No matter how much I want to HIDE from the MAILBOX every 30 days

It brings me the freaking FINANCIAL proof

Every time I open, the MAILBOX it always has the most URGENT news!

Every time I see that menacing little MAILBOX

Up my spine goes a COLD shivering chill

820 such a lovely little attainable limit

It is my credit report I would REALLY like to strangle and KILL.

Oh MAILBOX why can't you send me the MONETARY news that I could use?


Why can't my ADDRESS & INFO you ever lose?

I like it how it was when we FIRST met.

Cards, junk mail, & love letters

I kept in the MAILBOX to keep you satisfied & WET

How quickly you FORGET!

How only my key fits YOU the best!

What if I just let my sweet little KEY rest?

Do you and that mailman like to put my heart to the TEST?

I can't tell which of you who causes me the most STRESS!

I Got the Mailbox Blues so I'm getting it off my chest

Better do it now before I go POSTAL and get laid to REST

I'm sending this out to the residents like me with

More DAYS in the month than DOLLARS

Give It UP for the Mail Box Blues a Constant Companion

Got Cha All Month Bout to Scream & Holler

You're The FIRST thing I Even Come In Contact With

After Being Gone ALL doggone day

I hold on to your contents tighter than my own kids

And what you continue to give me pushes me further away

I sincerely need some relief MR. MAILBOX

Now what the HELL are you going to do?

I just mailed my LAST $20.00 to a t.v. preacher

Because he promised me my damn BREAKTHROUGH!

I spent it when I really didn't have it

The PLASTIC card made me crave the GREEN even more

Without fail the mailman brings the PAST DUE notices

My HEART just DROPS to the floor

I feel like I'm getting a pap smear whenever I get next to you,

Quick and FAST, looking for that CASH

I don't want to open my LEGS don't want to have to BEG

I just need to PAY these bills.

I just need to EASE all these PAST DUE ILLS.

I don't want to have to DROWN in vodka and pills

I don't want my kids to find me lying STILL!

The PREACHER said I'd be BLESSED send $100 more

So this truly must be the LORD'S will :-)

I put on my BEST and stuck out my chest

Saw LeRoy Jenkins:-) on TBN, thought I'd found some hope

But if it aint a CHECK in that MAILBOX today

Preacher, I may have to start SLINGIN dope!


The Morning After

The morning after, I’ve had so many. Whether it was being hung over after too many tequila shots or sneaking out of the sheets of the guy I’d slept with, I woke up in shame. I haven’t always made wise life decisions. In fact where I am in life is the product of my choices. Many times I acted on feelings which are always subject to change. I remember after the election, checking the news to make sure nothing had changed. I was never so relieved when I saw that everything was just as I left it. Then I allowed myself the luxury of being in the moment. I languished in a serene silence and tried to take it all in. The morning after the election I walked with a renewed sense of pride. As I went about my day and tried to maintain a sense of normalcy, I noticed my stature. I only caught a quick glimpse of my frame. My head looked regal and high. My shoulders were squared. My walk was confident. I woke up today with a renewed sense of self. There was no shame. I wasn’t hung over and I hadn’t slept with some random guy. I hadn’t made some colossal mistake that would affect the rest of my life. I made a choice changing the course of history. I had helped to make history. Days later it’s all still surreal. The morning after is always the result of what I’d done the night before.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Audacity of Hope

November 4, 2008 will be indelibly imprinted in my memory. I’m trying to remain calm as I await the results of this historical election. My futile attempts to stay busy remain are exhausting. I vowed to get up and get out of the house so that I wouldn’t be glued to CNN updates all day. Today feels like Christmas Eve. I anxiously wait with baited breath to unwrap the perfect gift. Tomorrow I will wake up confidently assured Santa got me exactly what I asked for. Imagine that, I can’t even tell you with a straight face that I’ve been good all year. Myths have been dispelled, glass ceilings have been shattered, and paradigms have been shifted. God uses the most unlikely people to accomplish extraordinary tasks. Senator Barack Obama becoming the President of the free world will be a momentous occasion.
Today was not only historical for me, today was spiritual. As I cast my ballot I was reminded of all the people who fought and continue to fight for equality in the world. Many of them died before seeing manifestation of what I was fortunate enough to witness today. I know these fallen heroes are looking down on all us with pride. My son will vote today for the very first time. He even explained to me a passing interest in politics. I’m proud to live in a country where my son’s dreams are entirely possible. I’m delighted that he knows that his life isn’t relegated to playing basketball or prison.
This has been the longest 2 years hasn’t it? I wonder if there is a cure for “electionnitis”. I’ve gleaned so much these past 2 years that I will certainly pay more attention to our elected leaders in the future. Maybe if I’d watched little C-Span instead of American idol, the state of the world wouldn’t have come as such a shock to me. What I am most interested in seeing is the effect that Barack Obama will have on African American males. Today I’m comforted knowing an intelligent, educated, black father will be the symbol of hope and change. I want our black men to see that the excuse of being a product of their environment is just that, an excuse.

What are all the pundits, commentators and strategists going to do now? What’s to become of John King and his infamous “magic map”? I’ve looked at so many polls, I feel like an honorary statistician. I’ve always voted but never really cared who won because choosing the lesser of two evils was my only objective. Now there is somebody that looks like me and can relate to things that affect me. Senator Barack Obama has inspired a generation to be heard and its remark able. Dreams are possible the audacity of hope!