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Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Tongue Is The Pen

The tongue is the pen
The strokes of life are written by it
So watch what you write with your pen
The tongue is the pen
A very small member of the body
But yet does so much
So watch what you write with your pen
Some ink, the drops can be washed away quickly with soap and water
Some ink makes permanent stains
The pen that you write with can write your ticket
Or delay you right out of the gate
So watch what you write with your pen
Ink can’t always be easily erased once written
On life’s fabric ink can be unforgivable
So watch what you write with your pen
A good writer gets his ink from the Author of our Faith
He writes in red
A good writer does not worry about his pen
When not used to write something good
A good writer caps his pen
Use your pen only if yours does not smudge, smear, or bleed through
Put your pen away unless you have something good to write
The tongue is the pen
Be careful to write legibly
You will never be misunderstood
Read your own fine print
Use your own paper
The tongue is the pen of all things
Pertaining to life and death
The tongue is the pen
Write something good

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