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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Stuck In The Middle

I'm stuck somewhere in the middle
Caught between life and death
I cry all the time
Walking a fine line in my mind
Because life right now, just seems to be such a mess

I'm stuck somewhere in the middle
Death, I decided I want to go
Life, I also decided I want to stay
Beckoning voices from every side
Life vs death, I 'm not sure what side of the line I'll fight on today

I'm stuck somewhere in the middle
At some point, I've really got to decide
Do I get up, put on all that heavy armor and fight for God
Or just lay here quietly for Satan and die

I'm stuck somewhere in the middle
God tells me I can
Satan tells me I can't
A double-minded mind can skew the lines
Do you wonder what side I've chosen yet?

I'm still stuck somewhere in the middle
The decision I'm told is really up to me
I ultimately decide and choose the final side
Unless the middle is where I want to be

But with God there is no middle
Even if in life, I often feel stuck
God only moves on HIS word
Not tears, not feelings, and not even the best of luck

I decide I don't want to be stuck in the middle
I send out an SOS, God can you help me?
Today I finally picked a side
Jesus I'm over here in the middle
I'm crying out for you, Save Me!

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  1. I'm feeling this, cuz I have the pre-New Year blues myself. ::deep cleansing breaths::


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