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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Get It Together By Sunday!

I got to get it together by Sunday!
Because I've got more battles to fight on Monday
You say my troubles will be over someday
Lord, I wish today were the last day
This year, was it supposed to turn out this way?
With endless trials that came to steal my joy away?
Cry and ask Why? Is just about all that I can say!
I got to get it together by Sunday
Just so I can make it to bible study on Tuesday
And ask again for mercy for everyday
Lord, I can't see what you see on any given day
When night turns to morning will today be a better day?
Will I have it together by Sunday?
So that I can receive my crown one day!
I'll have it together by Sunday
Because you told me to rejoice in you always
Not because I made an appearance at church on Sunday
Did I thank you Lord already for this day?
Before I start worrying about a new day
I couldn't live without you Lord on any day
Every day you allow me to see is a good day
Because your blood carried all that was not like you away
The power is in my mouth, every word that I say
I even claim next Sunday is a good day
For the rest of my life every day is a good day!
Thank you Lord for this day!
I got it together a few more days and it’ll be Sunday

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