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Monday, December 15, 2008

Bounce Back Woman

Much to my chagrin I discovered that my inner child still lives when she encouraged me to buy a toy recently. At the time I was unaware that something that cost $3.99 and made entirely of rubber could add much to my adult life. What on earth could’ve possessed me to buy a ball? Why not a Barbie? Why not that new Blackberry Storm? Why not that delicious new MAC eye shadow? I always seem to learn my lessons from the abstract or informal things so I knew it would only be a matter of time with this ball. I do remember growing up in Louisiana when not throwing a ball seemed sacrilegious.
You should see me now, I’m like an over protective pit bull when I can’t find my ball. I’ve even taken to sleeping with my ball. Now instead of reaching for the remote control or chocolate, I reach for my ball to wind down after a taxing day. In place of the hug I should’ve gotten, I squeeze my ball. The job that I didn’t get, I throw the ball. The movie I can’t wait to see, I throw my ball high in the air with open hands waiting to catch it. I can only marvel at my new rubber friend’s tough resilience.
Many of my plans have gone awry so I’m trying my best to proceed with extreme caution as I prepare for this upcoming year. Oh believe me, I’ve long since gotten rid of the notion of unachievable New Year resolutions that are so laughable one would think I would think I was relegating myself to a life in a nunnery. One trait though I believe all women share is an uncanny ability to bounce back after extraordinary and sometimes dire circumstances. There is no creature on earth that can have her head hit an invisible glass ceiling day after day and continue to bounce back like she does.
I thought I bought the ball to test how strong the ball was. After careful examination I knew my ball chose me to see how strong I was. My ball was a symbol of who I was! No matter how I treated my ball like a good friend it didn’t bend, break, or budge under my pressure. If God was putting me through a test, it is not because He wanted to teach me something. It was a sure sign that He had already taught me something and now I am ready to get through the test because I have bounce back power!

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