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Monday, November 17, 2008

Ladies Do The Math

You knew within the first five minutes of meeting him that he could and would “talk you out of your panties” that night. You slept with him anyway against your better judgment. You’re pissed because he hasn’t returned any of your calls, texts, or letters delivered by personal messenger. You use to laugh at the women on those Lifetime Movies. Now it’s easy to see how you could be cast as the “femme fatale”. You thought you could impress him by not being like those other silly women. You thought the matronly act would make you more memorable. You looked forward to all his future calls, text messages, and moments together. Now you want to understand why something so intimate was so casual. He treated you like an errand that couldn’t wait. You laid down thinking this time it’s going to be different. I won’t hassle him, I won’t nag him, and I won’t do any of the things his last girlfriend did. What you didn’t count on was that he’s had a string of “memorable” women just like you all his life. Girl, you weren’t special. You were just a quick easy lay. So why are you still crying? You knew you couldn’t separate sex from love. It’s been 3 weeks already! He hasn’t called by now just accept that he won’t and take those ridiculous curlers out of your hair. Why are you letting yourself go over some guy you picked up while getting your annual emissions test? Now before you invite all your girlfriends to another “pity party” where you blame ALL men….PAUSE!
Go ahead and admit that you chose him long before he chose you. You knew you weren’t ready to be intimate, but you thought letting him partake of your fruit would keep him. You knew deep down that you deserved better but you settled once again for smooth talk and Red Lobster. The worst part is he pretended he left his credit card and you ended up paying for the meal. So he got shrimp and sex on account of your poor mathematical skills. You got played but it could have been avoided. Before you inhale that gallon of Chunky Chocolate chip ice cream, take a few moments to see where you went wrong.
Let me give it to you straight…..no chaser……
Most women already know the type of men they are dealing with whether they want to admit it or not. We got this neurotic idea that we can change men. Why are we in such a rush to change men but we ourselves need the most work inward and don’t want to change? Stop rolling your eyes and read on……Look at all the “BAD” relationships you’ve had! There is one common denominator. You want to know what it is? That’s right Sister, You!
Ladies you are worthy of the man God created for you not some man you picked on your own. If every man you end up with is just a copy of the last one, it should speak volumes about your issues not the other person!
It is no longer fair for women to continue to blame men for the choices we continue to make.
I challenge all women today to do some basic math.
Subtract: People who withdraw more from you than they deposit
Add: People that bring value to your life
Divide: Your time wisely. Spend more time getting to know you Multiply: The joy that comes from knowing
that no one can complete you.

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  1. You are so right!!!! I had to change my game in order to be able to be choosy now. I had to realize that I have to love God and my damn self before I can love anyone else. I love me more than anything and that is real. You can only allow yourself to be hurt by somebody and you hurting yourself is strictly by choice. I will always choose me over whoever and that is so very important. You have to think outside of the box and think more of yourself to feel good about you. That is the problem with young women today they think that putting out is the quickest and easiest way to make themselves happy and that is why there are so many young women who have 5 kids by 4 different daddies all in hopes of getting the "Right One". You have to love yourself before you can expect for anyone else can love you and that is the real...


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