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Sunday, November 9, 2008

To All The BOYZ I've Loved Before

To All The Boyz I 've Loved Before

Boyz, I'm taking this time to tell you that I am sorry

Most of you were "boyz" only disguised as men

Pretending, when all you wanted was me on my back

Some of you thought you chose me, but many times it was I who chose you

You stroked my fire and then blew ashes as you got up and left

I let you, low self esteem said to do so

You laid with me for a quick release

I want you to know

All of you boyz, that you shot blanks

The very seed you sowed into me

Spilled into an smelly dumping ground stenched with lust

Just a vile wasteland with all the others

This is the place where love built on pretense goes to die

You never really touched my soul

You only pierced my needy sinful flesh

Like the twin towers

What I felt for each of you has fallen to ground zero

Though you touched me you never really "touched" me

You bragged about me

You added my name to your notches

Now I've done some mathematics

I've subtracted all of you

And added the ONE"

The power I gave you to talk me out of my panties

Is vetoed by a resounding loud and proud scream of NO

Boyz you thought it was only you who had game

Or don't you know

Women are skilled at choosing too

I lost count until I decided to say NO

I lied to you too

I gave in sometimes for need, for cash, pampers, and gas

Love? Never!

Love? I never met her when I slept with you

Lust yeah I know her all too well

She introduced me to you

She took your 2 am service calls

She even slept on your wife's side of the bed

Sorry boyz

You thought only men had game

I dribbled, traveled, and ran all the bases

Like an actress craving an Oscar I played whatever the role required

But now I've fouled out of the flesh game

I've finally fallen for ONE who gets me

I'm amazed that I can still stand after I let all of you beat my body repeatedly with sex, lies, and videotape

Boyz you no longer quench my fires

With just your unsatisfying three minute desires

Five years celibate because of HIS love

The ONE who erased all of you from my spirit

Is the ONE now who gets all my sweet love!

His life started so humbly

It ended when He was nailed to a cross

His words tell me I'm a treasure

Not ashes, easily stumped or another body for a man to toss

He has changed my life, not with a mean word or a fist

Everyday I run straight to His arms

Jesus, the BOY who became my MAN, I simply can't resist

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