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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Jock "EYE" ing For Position

Jock EYE ing For Position

Get in line

And hurry this time

A fine brutha ya'll

And he is here on display

Hang up your cell phones

Smear on your lip gloss

Push up that push up bra

Get your best strut on

Swing that bone straight weave

All so that he can look at cha!

Yeah I noticed you too

While in the back of this club

I'm the plain one watchin all the "hot" chicks purses

See I wanna get in line

But I just aint that fine

So under my "plain" girl breath

I start (girl from the around the way) cursin

We all hope to be chose

The prize at the end of a long hard day

Each of us secretly saying, if I can land this brutha

And all his sumthin, sumthin

Hell, I can give up my own rat race

But oh Brutha Brutha

Why would I ever lose my place

And leave this race

When I want you just as bad as she

The sad news is

I'm buried under fake designer purses

Drowing in pleather knock offs

And you'll never get the chance to see me

Maybe there's one thing I possess

That the chick in line ahead of me just don't got

But the jeans get tighter, the breasts get larger

Each woman ahead of me is a real "pro"

And that's why I keep losing my spot

Every woman in this club

Thinks she's the only one who's "hot"

I'm probably the only one here....way way in the back

Who actually thinks I'm NOT!

Can you look this way

Toward the big purse pile

Yeah....It's me...all the way in the back

Do you see me?

The average looking girl

Yeah the plain girl

Hidden by the fake purse stack

Brutha, brutha do you ever get bored

She's sweet, only to get your ATM card

Plotting to make you thier lastest score

But I loved you on a day

When in pain, you cried loudly in the rain

I'm standing in this line

But only for your heart

I was expressly created by God for you

So why are you in this club on a mission?

The woman you're dancing with, is a over-priced call girl

She'll want to be paid if you cast her after an audition

Hmm ..I think I'll get out of line

Cause this aint the place or the time

Don't want to win you like this or this way

I loved you, long before you walked in here

I want you to come findeth me

Findeth me….and change my last name

Yeah no more standing in lines

No clubs with strong drinks and dark sultry lights

A single file line

With only ME in it

Single Brutha No Vacancy

…Filled …Position…WIFE!!!!


  1. wow very well spoken! Your write so amazing! It all just rolls off the tongue but you are so blatenly honest! I love it! You go girl!

  2. Thank you...........you have to feel it to write it!


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