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Monday, November 24, 2008

Jezebel Go To Hell PT 2

Yeah that too.. EVERY EVIL DEED done to me
Pay attention DIVA it's the year 2007
And 7 means COMPLETE!
See while YOU were PRIMPING and pledging, & getting NO degree
Years ago, I was LEARNING about Leonidas
BEFORE the movie 300 and the Battle of Thermopylae!
You're TOO busy TRYING to KEEP me from my OWN family
So SELFISH that you are NEGLECTING your own
One KID needs to be in REHAB
The OTHER one WILL be "TURNED OUT " as soon as HE leaves home!
Your FLAMING husband is the TRUE QUEEN
When he aint with YOU
Seriously, just where do YOU think he goes?
GIRL he's swimming on BOTH sides of the lake
TRAPPED in the closet NOT He's been on the DOWN LOW!
Clothes, hair, and make-up BORING is that really ALL you got?
RUNNING young & old men like a TRACK STAR
You BURNIN Diva, & maybe that's why you THINK you so HOT!
You PERFORM well on your BACK
Stopping on SYCAMORE ONLY to get something to EAT
After COORDINATING outfits for the CHOIR
Your BEST work is done at your CONDO on your KNEES!
Claiming to be SO high maintenance
Any SUCKER with a COUPE and YOU get the MISTRESS'S very BEST
Pick your LATEST lover, let his GPS lead you to an EXPENSIVE frame
PRINT and display this NEWSFLASH ACROSS your COMCAST desk!
How long do YOU think GOD will let you HATE on ME & CHILL in MY MOTHER'S house?
Very SOON there's going to be some FURNITURE moving
I promise YOU Diva , I'm going STRAIGHT for your BIG ASS mouth!
My oh my, such LARGE features you have
I always thought that YOU LOOKED like a MAN?
I hear ARKANSAS is lovely ANY time of the year
Will be the BEST part of God's PLAN!
I see where YOU get IT from
YOU inherited YOUR daddy's WHOREMONGER charm
And WHERE was your daddy WHEN he died
Certainly NOT in his wife's arms!
I'm so GLAD your TIME is about up
Did you have fun PRETENDING being OUR family?
When you are ALL gone for GOOD
That will be a FAMILY NIGHT well worth a VICTORY!
YOU didn't have to HUNT very long I hope, MOST of this poem was written for YOU
Check your SPIRIT at the DOOR and ask the LORD
YOU will NEVER be MY MOTHER'S daughter
And Your sister will NEVER EVER take MY place
The best GIFT your family could give my family
It's an easy guess, two words, GO AWAY!
It is sad MY very EXISTENCE STILL gives YOU something to do
Really IT blows my mind, you can't get enough of APRIL
You and your played FREELOADING crew!
PLAYIN a role Monday through Saturday
Trying to CONVINCE "believers" that a HOLY GOD is always on your mind
Cruising MY MySpace profile
Strutting off the STAGE acting HOLY
PROUD to represent a damn SORORITY
You DID NOT even graduate
You OUGHT to be ASHAMED of yourself
Is what YOU should REALLY be calling yourself!
FLINGING yourself ALL over your sister's HUSBAND
People OFTEN ask me, IF you're SCREWING him TOO
I tell them, I really wouldn't put IT past YOU
That's just what JEZEBEL would do
DIVA you aren't FOOLING anybody
YOU shouldn't EVEN be on that stage
You've treated MY mother's HOUSE more like a BROTHEL
Then you MOCK God in Praise & Worship to HIS face
You've HAD too much of a GOOD thing
I believe that's WHY you're so JADED
Hands down I win with CLASS & LOOKS
Pretty much EVERYTHING
Face it DIVA, I got YOU faded!
I see YOU every Sunday
YOU and I BOTH know WHO & WHAT YOU are doing
They may THINK you're PRAISING God
The ENEMY you SLEEP with, is WHO you're pursuing
The heavenly RECORDER will be on
When YOU and the REST of my GROUPIES
Wonder, Could APRIL be possibly TALKING about ME?
WELL look at the fiery DART called your HAND
THREE of your fingers POINT back at YOU
Same HAND, but only ONE point at me!

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