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Friday, November 7, 2008

I Got The Mailbox Blues

I AVOID the mailbox like the PLAGUE because it keeps all my UNEXPOSED truth

No matter how much I want to HIDE from the MAILBOX every 30 days

It brings me the freaking FINANCIAL proof

Every time I open, the MAILBOX it always has the most URGENT news!

Every time I see that menacing little MAILBOX

Up my spine goes a COLD shivering chill

820 such a lovely little attainable limit

It is my credit report I would REALLY like to strangle and KILL.

Oh MAILBOX why can't you send me the MONETARY news that I could use?


Why can't my ADDRESS & INFO you ever lose?

I like it how it was when we FIRST met.

Cards, junk mail, & love letters

I kept in the MAILBOX to keep you satisfied & WET

How quickly you FORGET!

How only my key fits YOU the best!

What if I just let my sweet little KEY rest?

Do you and that mailman like to put my heart to the TEST?

I can't tell which of you who causes me the most STRESS!

I Got the Mailbox Blues so I'm getting it off my chest

Better do it now before I go POSTAL and get laid to REST

I'm sending this out to the residents like me with

More DAYS in the month than DOLLARS

Give It UP for the Mail Box Blues a Constant Companion

Got Cha All Month Bout to Scream & Holler

You're The FIRST thing I Even Come In Contact With

After Being Gone ALL doggone day

I hold on to your contents tighter than my own kids

And what you continue to give me pushes me further away

I sincerely need some relief MR. MAILBOX

Now what the HELL are you going to do?

I just mailed my LAST $20.00 to a t.v. preacher

Because he promised me my damn BREAKTHROUGH!

I spent it when I really didn't have it

The PLASTIC card made me crave the GREEN even more

Without fail the mailman brings the PAST DUE notices

My HEART just DROPS to the floor

I feel like I'm getting a pap smear whenever I get next to you,

Quick and FAST, looking for that CASH

I don't want to open my LEGS don't want to have to BEG

I just need to PAY these bills.

I just need to EASE all these PAST DUE ILLS.

I don't want to have to DROWN in vodka and pills

I don't want my kids to find me lying STILL!

The PREACHER said I'd be BLESSED send $100 more

So this truly must be the LORD'S will :-)

I put on my BEST and stuck out my chest

Saw LeRoy Jenkins:-) on TBN, thought I'd found some hope

But if it aint a CHECK in that MAILBOX today

Preacher, I may have to start SLINGIN dope!


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