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Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Final Act!

Every SUNDAY morning an Usher gives me a program

And shows me to my seat

I TRY to feign my displeasure when the curtains open

And the same "stage hands" attempt to PERFORM another "church" service for me!

It's the SAME "show", SAME "script", the SAME "actors" on stage every week.

BEFORE they FAKE the ungodly "Holy Funk"


I ALREADY KNOW what I'm going to see

"Performers", and they got it DOWN to a science, scriptures, songs

And the waving of the hands

But REAL spiritual discernment

Is something a "FALSE" Worshipper will not ever understand!

WE know WHO you all are.

You hang out in church in VARIOUS little "cliques".

Remember the immature "COOL" crowd 20 years ago?

Yeah the ones back in high school

That THOUGHT they were the shit!

I just can't get over the POOR leadership

WHOSE interests does the church really have at heart?

And why is a "Clique" RUNNING the ENTIRE church?

WHY do you keep giving Satan's UNDERSTUDY the LEAD part?

Yes "Performers" that is what you are

I get so tired of the same rehearsed ACT!

That HOT MESS does not even reach heaven

Read Malachi 1:10 it's there and it's a biblical FACT!

When the "STAR" Pastor gives the Benediction,

Like a trucker, I haul ass to my waiting car.

I set my Blackberry for TWO minutes

Getting away from "church" is like a real SERIOUS fire alarm!

A $1.00 I can give you, it's all I have in my purse

Hurry up ...cut to the CLOSING credits

Make it do what it do baby :-)

So I can put my Chevy Malibu in REVERSE!

God, don't you even care

Hungry wolves are DEVOURING your starving SHEEP?

The phony people are given "carte blanche" at church

And our fearless "LEADERS" still PRETEND they don't SEE!

No I am not a "CELEBRITY"

Is this why you choose to "OVERLOOK" me?

I made an appointment with the "STAR" Pastor a year ago

His STAFF claims I'm on some "LIST"

But I know I'll NEVER be seen!

SELECTING who gets to SEE the "STAR" Pastor

This CAST that doubles as HIS staff is a trip



A SMALL church down in Georgia tried to BOOK the STAR Pastor

And his church STAFF wouldn't even CALL that church back

They will FOREVER associate this PASTOR

With how his OFFENSIVE church staff ACTS

I see how this "CAST" works now

I only wish I'd known from the start

That black EMPTY hole isn't a PROP

The EVIL spirit in this church DICTATES it's EVIL heart

Now ya'll don't get me wrong

I really love the Lord

I've just begun to truly DISLIKE the "church"

Bad "actors" performing "religious" scenes on stage

Do nothing but make WORSHIP worse!

I've convinced MYSELF to try to return

And I was gone a long, long while

Everybody's still SLEEPING on the same casting couch

For that, I don't clap, and I simply REFUSE to smile!

I don't believe in the people in front of me

So I constantly bite my lower lip

"Actors" who just gloss over the bible

Deliberately not using God's HOLY script!

I see you "RUNNING" your lines in the hallway

This lets me you know that you are NOT for real

Picking out "EAR TICKLING" words from a thesaurus

Like Aretha Franklin, trying to give the AUDIENCE something we can feel!

Is this what the "church" NOW calls Anointed"?

"Actors" on SUNDAY who can't even act?

Well let me give you my "BAPTIST" middle finger :-)

And I DEMAND all my money back!

The CURTAIN is slowly closing

The casting director, JESUS is separating chaff from wheat

Lights out for your PUPPET MASTER Satan

It's God's FINAL act with your DELETED scenes!

You gave me the RIGHT hand of fellowship

It doesn't seem to matter, so I'll be QUICK & blunt

Those people LACKING God's spirit

I'm NOT following them

They just happen to be out in FRONT!

The SERMONS are about all I can handle

The dog & pony shows I can do without

Here's a helpful suggestion "church"

HIRE Jesus as your next TALENT SCOUT!

In many "MINISTRIES" today

It appears that almost ANYTHING goes

But you still DON'T have to be a "STAR" baby

To be USED in God's show

If I decide to SEE a "show"

I can barely lift my head

Lord, if this ISN'T the church I should be at

Please SEND me somewhere else to be FED

God what is a SINNER like me to do

WHERE does a disillusioned Christian go

Lead ME somewhere, anywhere

Where at least you "STAR" in the show

Did you think I was SMILING?

Hell no the "church" has CAUSED me to frown

First, FIX this sad PRODUCTION

BEFORE you open this "SHOW" in a NEW town

And if this is the BEST the church can do

Sundays, I'll gladly "FORCE" myself to stay home

Because when GOD doesn't ask for an ENCORE

You've received BAD reviews

You SUCK leave the ACTING alone!


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