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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Audacity of Hope

November 4, 2008 will be indelibly imprinted in my memory. I’m trying to remain calm as I await the results of this historical election. My futile attempts to stay busy remain are exhausting. I vowed to get up and get out of the house so that I wouldn’t be glued to CNN updates all day. Today feels like Christmas Eve. I anxiously wait with baited breath to unwrap the perfect gift. Tomorrow I will wake up confidently assured Santa got me exactly what I asked for. Imagine that, I can’t even tell you with a straight face that I’ve been good all year. Myths have been dispelled, glass ceilings have been shattered, and paradigms have been shifted. God uses the most unlikely people to accomplish extraordinary tasks. Senator Barack Obama becoming the President of the free world will be a momentous occasion.
Today was not only historical for me, today was spiritual. As I cast my ballot I was reminded of all the people who fought and continue to fight for equality in the world. Many of them died before seeing manifestation of what I was fortunate enough to witness today. I know these fallen heroes are looking down on all us with pride. My son will vote today for the very first time. He even explained to me a passing interest in politics. I’m proud to live in a country where my son’s dreams are entirely possible. I’m delighted that he knows that his life isn’t relegated to playing basketball or prison.
This has been the longest 2 years hasn’t it? I wonder if there is a cure for “electionnitis”. I’ve gleaned so much these past 2 years that I will certainly pay more attention to our elected leaders in the future. Maybe if I’d watched little C-Span instead of American idol, the state of the world wouldn’t have come as such a shock to me. What I am most interested in seeing is the effect that Barack Obama will have on African American males. Today I’m comforted knowing an intelligent, educated, black father will be the symbol of hope and change. I want our black men to see that the excuse of being a product of their environment is just that, an excuse.

What are all the pundits, commentators and strategists going to do now? What’s to become of John King and his infamous “magic map”? I’ve looked at so many polls, I feel like an honorary statistician. I’ve always voted but never really cared who won because choosing the lesser of two evils was my only objective. Now there is somebody that looks like me and can relate to things that affect me. Senator Barack Obama has inspired a generation to be heard and its remark able. Dreams are possible the audacity of hope!

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  1. Obama is the man!!! I am so happy to be an african-american women who has witnessed the impossible. A black man becoming our 44th president!! I was told as a child that this day would never come and here I have lived to see it. I have witnessed this with my children and hopefully I will be able to share this with my grandchildren. This is a man who has made you proud to be an american based on what ever race you represent. He is a postive role model and has proven that all of those little children that are our future can over come anything and be anybody they want including the President of the United States. God Bless American and may the angels continue to protect him and his family..


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