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Friday, October 31, 2008

Who Am I? Who Are You?

I'm the answer before the question is asked

I'm the future with the erased past

I'm the liar when I fudge the truth

I'm the fornicator when I sleep with you

I'm the prude because I don't have sex

I'm the spin doctor who cleans up your mess

I'm the robber when I don't pay my tithes

I'm the hustler doing something on the side

I'm the cashier when I want you to pay

I'm the jury when I vote to send you away

I'm the President when I veto a bill

I'm the weatherman when I forecast a chill

I'm the mother who misses my son

I'm the unforgiving not forgiving anyone

I'm the sinner who is saved by grace

I'm the Christian who fell short today

I'm the irresponsible when my credit score is low

I'm the windbreaker when the wind starts to blow

I'm the crusader when I change the world

I'm the woman who remembers being a girl

I'm the fighter when the enemy beats on me

I'm the blind when there are things I don't see

I'm the villain when my kids don't get their way

I'm the orator when there is something to say

I'm the purjurer when I lie under oath

I'm the exterminator when I kill a roach

I'm the reporter when I give you the news

I'm the pouncer when I make my move

I'm the chef when I prepare the food

I'm the healer when I fix your boo boos

I'm the victim when I call the cops

I'm the dancer when I drop it like it's hot

I'm the wife who doesn't want you to cheat

I'm the hacker who gets around McAfee

I'm the bootlegger when there are movies to sell

I'm the snitch when they hire me to tell

I'm the tomboy if it's balls I pitch

I'm the lesbian if I dig other chicks

I'm the bad credit risk who can't get a loan

I'm the foreclosed who is losing her home

I'm the alcoholic if I crave the bottle

I'm the speed demon if I drive at full throttle

I'm the stranger when I travel out of town

I'm the cautious when I don't sneak around

I'm the You Tuber when I watch videos all day

I'm the farmer when I feed my horses hay

I'm the sun when I brighten your day

I'm the whore when you want a good lay

I'm the beautician when I use mousse and gel

I'm the writer with a story to tell

I'm the blogger when I post my thoughts

I'm the student when I learn what I'm taught

I'm the secretary when I take your calls

I'm the laundry service when I wash your drawls

I'm the singer with the amazing voice

I'm the voter who gets to make a choice

I'm the human who makes mistakes

I'm the girlfriend who doubles as your maid

I'm the salesperson when you need it sold

I'm the angry black woman when you need to be told

I'm the thinker when my minds at play

I'm the human with feelings in the way

I'm the idiot who let you go

I'm the sorry one who wants you to know

I'm the lover who only wants love

I'm the bigger person when I rise above

I'm the typist when I press the keys

I'm the lady who knows when to leave

I'm the survivor doing the best I can

I'm the person that God says I am

I'm the questionmark now which of these fits to a tee

I'm the mystery & you don't get to define me

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